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Beat you down

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The attackers beat down the defenders.

In hou usage, a person's name or pronoun is used between "beat" and "down. They approached the crumbling wall and beat it down with their bare hands.

All rights reserved. The rain has been beating down on our roof for hours, and I'm starting to worry that we'll have a leak. The rock slide beat down on the car and totally ruined the body. Make someone lower a price, as in He's always trying to beat us down. To hit something until it falls down: Bezt police beat down the door of the suspect's house.

Farlex Dictionary of Idioms.

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See also:. Strike violently, as in the The sun kept beating down on us all doqn long. Select styles available in sizes up to 6XL. That chicken needs to be thinner before we add the bread crumbs, so beat down on it some more.

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The rain beat down on us for an hour. First you beat down the meat to a very thin layer. To exhaust or discourage someone.

Economist Jeremy Bentham used this idiom in "Thus monopoly will beat down prices. We make all shirts to order, you pick the de, style, size and color. Just yesterday, he gave Joey a bloody nose.

Sam beat the veal down to the thickness of a half an inch. A dollar bill is 6 inches.

Beat you down

In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "beat" and "down. The constant bombing finally beat them down. I'm coming! To defeat or demoralize someone: The constant criticism beat me down, and it was hard for me to try again.

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I miss the warmth of the sun! That bully is always beating down on the smaller kids in our class. Each bdat varies in dimensions and size, this chart makes it easy to convert from style to style and be sure your Graphic T fits perfectly!! Size South harrow escorts Sizing Information For your convenience, we've included this beat you down chart to make it easy for you to choose the correct T-shirt size for your particular style.

To fall down steadily and heavily: The rain beat down on the roof. To strike something repeatedly in order to flatten it.

“never argue with an idiot. they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

Please don't beat down the door! Don't beat the door down! Don't have a ruler? I think working three jobs has finally beaten Alicia down—all she does these days is come home and sleep. Geez, vown going to beat the door beat you down Force or drive down; defeat or subdue. To strike something so violently as to cause its collapse.

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The invaders beat down every village they passed through. See also: beatdown beat down on someone or something to yo on someone or something.

To strike someone or something repeatedly. Overpossibilities! Many styles and colors available.